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Itching = infection ?

Good day all,

Since this past Saturday morning, I've been experiencing some itching down there. Sometimes it feels it's around the entrance of my vagina, other times it's just between the lips. It seems to come and go, but last night it was so itchy that it woke me in the middle of the night.

I've been very careful to wash with a sensitive soap, rinse properly, etc. But it's still itchy this morning. I put some canesten cream on since it worked last time I have a vaginal infection, and while it calmed it down for an hour, I can feel it coming back right about now.

I took the time to look with a mirror this morning and it didn't seem any pinker or reder than usual, there's no discharge, it doesn't smell like anything either.

I had sex on Friday night, nothing unusual. It was with my boyfriend of 2 years, we're both getting checked every year and are using condoms. We had sex again on Sunday morning.

Only other thing I noticed that is unusual is that my nipples have been very very sensitive since Saturday morning as well, but I can't see how the two are or could be related.

I was thinking of going to the clinic today after work, but I hate the clinic and last time I went, they didn't even do anything for me, even though I clearly had an infection. The doctor sent me home because she "couldn't see anything abnormal".

Any insight from you guys would be great. Thanks so much!
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