cutesanslee (cutesanslee) wrote in vaginapagina,

Have I messed up my cycle??

So, I take Minivlar30 (which is the South Korean equivalent of Microgynon30, same amount of levonorgestrel and ethinylesradiol, and both are produced by Bayer)

Normally I take the pill every morning at around 7.30am. I've been doing so for the past 8 months and its working pretty well for me. However I had a pretty stressed out weekend. On Sunday morning I realised I had forgotten to take my Saturday pill, so I took both pills. But I've just looked at my pack and noticed that there are only three pills left (I'm due to start my withdrawal bleed week this Saturday).
What actually happened was that I took  the pill intended for this Friday,  last Saturday, forgot about doing so and then took 2 pills again on Sunday.    
I assume that my withdrawal bleed will start a day earlier. During my next cycle, I'm going back home for Christmas, and home is where the boyfriend is at. And we tend to have a lot of sex when we're together~

So what I'm wondering is if I need to use any additional contraception during my next cycle, or if I'll be just fine changing my cycle start date from a Saturday to a Friday (one day earlier). 

Thank you!!

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