e_n_t_i_t_y (e_n_t_i_t_y) wrote in vaginapagina,

Menstrual Cups! Sea sponge? Ah! Suggestions please...

Hey all!

I posted a month or so ago about a rash that I have been getting with my periods. I didn't use pads at all and I didn't get a rash! Yay! (kind of) I tried a new kind of cup called Soft Cup. They did NOT work for me. And Diva Cup works for me for some of my flow, but there is a significant amount of leaking for some of it and that is irritating...

The two kinds of cups I have tried are really different from each other, so I am thinking maybe I should try something in between. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe my body just doesn't like cups, but if pads are out because of the rashes and I don't like tampons... I also don't want to go through a bunch of different cups since that will get pricey fast! Any and all suggestions or experience would be so appreciated!

I am also interested in maybe trying a sea sponge, but I have just been so sensitive lately and that doesn't sound nice to my body- my vagina doesn't really love that idea.

Is there anything else out there?


Thank you thank you <3
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