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Blowjobs & sex...eek

Sorry this isn't explicitly vagina related, but there are a few things I am curious about...Regarding blowjobs, being distracted, and sex.

So, I just got into a new sexual relationship. Pretty much everything is AMAZING, we have great chemistry, our bodies line up really well, etc. We have really good sex, I'm orgasming during sex now which has never happened before, it's just overall a great experience for both of us.

But then the other day I went to give him oral sex, something I LOVE doing, and while I understand everyone is different and likes different things, something really weird happened. He seemed like he was really enjoying it but it was going on for a loooong time. I have a lot of experience with oral sex and have been told by every male bodied person I have been with that I am very good at it. He was moaning, moving around, talking dirty to me...Things were going great and it seemed like he was close to finishing, but then all of a sudden he lost his erection and told me he was "all tingly feeling" in his arms and legs and hands, and that he was talking funny. It sounded like he couldn't make D or T sounds. It was very weird. He was also shaking and was having issues controlling the movement of his arms.

Has this happened to anyone before?!

I asked him about it and he said that he felt guilty receiving oral sex because he prefers to just have intercourse...but the physical symptoms were very strange. He also mentioned that he gets distracted during oral sex, but not during intercourse...any thoughts?

Secondly...when we have sex he enjoys it so much he usually can't last more than a minute or two. This isn't completely abnormal I don't think, but does anyone have any tips to prolong things a bit?

Also, does anybody know what the position is that is conducive to cis-female orgasm? I feel like it was coital alignment technique or something like that...And what exactly it entails?

Ok, end of all my questions! Thanks in advance!!! :)
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