jordanjunior (jordanjunior) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuvaring and Heat

I left my laptop on top of next month's ring for a couple of hours (3??). If it had been "asleep" I wouldn't be worried but it was on the whole time and it gets pretty hot. When I found it I immediately put it in the fridge/

My question:
They are activated by heat I know, but how sensitive is this? Am I being paranoid? When talking to the doctor a few months ago she mentioned that Planned P will send you your prescriptions but that they feel weird about sending the 'ring in the summer because of the heat... if they were even worried about it being outside during heat then it seems like direct prolonged heat is certainly something to worry about. Financially getting a new one is not really an option. If I just used condoms for a month and the hormones in the ring were messed up would skipping a month of hormones impact me negatively? This is actually many questions. 

I searched here for "nuvaring heat" and didn't find anything... surely someone else has had a similar problem though? 
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