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possibly pregnant?

Hi guys, having a little bit of worries, hoping some of you can help ease my mind! This is going to be a little long, so bear with me and thanks to anybody who responds!

My periods in the last 5 months or so have not been very regular. This is probably due to losing my virginity, intense travels, use of emergency contraceptive, and stress. In June I got my period on the 24th, in July on the 19th (took plan b a few weeks earlier so i am guessing this is why it came early), in August on the 29th, in September on the 25th, and then again November the 4th. This means I was quite a bit late for my october period, until it eventually came in the beginning of November. I thought this was because I took plan b very early in my cycle in september, which I heard may cause your following period to come late due to late ovulation. Another possibility could have been extreme stress and a brief trial of SSRI anti-depressants (only one dose was taken), along with immediate introduction of about 7-8 new vitamin supplements. My period in early November seemed normal for me. I am generally safe with sex, and very often check the condom for holes after. There are two incidents that slightly worry me, but would be highly unlikely anyway (end of period sex with condom, then a few seconds of condom-less sex the second time before condom was used and other time was few seconds of condomless sex before condom was used, but no sex prior). My question is: could my late period + persistent breast pain be because of pregnancy? If not, do you have any other idea as to what it could be?

Thank you in advance!
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