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Question about the HPV vaccine

This is just to quell my curiousity, but when I was at the doctor this week for a sinus infection (yuck) we got on the topic that I had started the two shot series for Hep (A or B? Not sure) because I had been planning on visiting South Africa last Spring. The trip didn't happen, so needless to say I hadn't finished getting them, but the nurse also mentioned that I could get the HPV vaccine if I wanted to as well. I'm getting married in June to the only man I've ever been with in any physical way ever, and they wanted to have me tested for everything when they did my gyno exam last year to get on bc. I assume that if I were to get HPV I'd have contracted it already and that the vaccine isn't going to do much of anything at this point, right? Would it be pointless for me to get the vaccine if I'm not planning on ever being with anyone else anyway? 

Anyway, I was just curious about this and what you all thought...
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