amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI & pregnancy question.

me and my bf haven't been being careful when having sex. we're not using any form of birth control (condoms, pill, etc) and it's not bc we don't kno wat's out there for us to use, it's bc we both of us want a baby and we're committed to one another and ready for a family.

i had a UTI a couple weeks ago and i was on meds. i took one of them completely and i quit taking my other one. i kno i shoulda kept taking my pills but i wasn't remembering em so really they weren't doin me any good and i think the only reason why i had a UTI in the 1st place is bc we were having frequent sex and kinda vigorous sex when we did have it. now we're waiting a lil bit b/t i don't think i'll be having any problems tbh.

i took a pregnancy test (one of those early detection ones) but i think i took it too early (like 9 days b4 my missed period) and it may not have been accurate. i've been feeling sick a lot to my stomach, almost to the point of wanting to puke (especially after eating & i've been eating wat i normally eat), i'm extremely tired (more so than normal for me), i've been craving food that i normally don't eat (subway to be specific lol), my boobs are very sensitive (the least lil touch and they're all perked up), my lower back has been hurting (which is kinda odd bc it seems to only happen when i've been walkin around a lot), and i've been cramping (mostly in my lower stomach). tonite i had a light bleeding incident when we were out to eat. i got an emergency pantyliner and put on but there was only a lil more bleeding when i got home and since then none. it was light (almost pink) and while i feel like i'm on a heavy period rn, it's not happening (does that make sense?) i can take another pregnancy test bc now i'm only 4 days from my predicted period..

i just wonder if my meds coulda screwed up my body..or if i'm really pregnant? any advice?
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