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I know this is probably going to be a stupid "you're completely normal" type of question..but it's just been weighing on my mind a lot lately, and I would really appreciate some input from you ladies. Now, this isn't an "Am I pregnant?" question, but more like a "Why hasn't it happened?"

I've been with my current boyfriend for about a year now. We've used protection I wanna say maybe the first time we had sex, but after that we haven't used any..no condoms, birth control, or any other type of it..and he's ejaculated inside me just about every time. It's really starting to get me worried that I haven't gotten pregnant yet. We are both in a good place in our relationship, where if I did find out we were going to have a baby we both would be very excited..but we still feel like if it doesn't happen, its not a problem either. But right now, I'm really having that "baby fever", I feel like right now would be a good time to become a mother, and I find it such a blessing. 

Heres a little background about me & him: I have never been positive for any stds, although a few years ago he was positive from trichamosis [I'm almost positive thats either not spelled right, or not even the right word but its something like that], we do both have been semi stressed out for a few months, but its not over the top. He does smoke, which is probably one contributing factor.. I just don't know. I do understand that sometimes its just not 'meant to be' or whatever, but i'd just like some reassurance about what y'all think about it.

Any information or opinions you have is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much. 

[edit] Also mods, I tried to put a subject in the subject line, but my computer keeps messing up whenever i try to fill things in, like in the subject line..It just closes out my browser.. I'm not sure why it's been happening, but it's not just been on LJ its been doing it to me. So, I am very sorry about that.
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