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Is Metformin really worth it?

Hey, VP.
In September I was diagnosed with PCOS. I've had it for two years, but thanks to a lack of insurance, I wasn't able to do anything about it. But in September I had bloodwork and ultrasounds done, and was officially diagnosed. 
But here's the thing. All of my bloodwork? Totally normal. I'm not insulin resistant. My thyroid is fine. My body isn't producing too much testosterone. Everything came back fine.
But on my ultrasound? I'm practically covered in those lovely strands of pearly cysts. Wonderful.
At the current moment, I'm not trying to get pregnant and I'm taking Sprintec 28 for birth control. My doctor told me that we could start Metformin when I'm ready to start trying to get pregnant, or we could start it now to sort of nip it in the bud beforehand. After weighing my options, I kind of decided to start now. Partially because I'm sick of feeling cysts rupture, and moreso because I gained 50lbs with PCOS and I've read that with cutting back on carbs and sugar, Metformin can really help with the nearly impossible task of losing weight with PCOS.
So, I got my script for 500mg, once a day, extended release Metformin. And I haven't started it yet. Because I've been researching online, and I'm a bit scared.
I've been reading that since I'm not insulin resistant, I can have side effects like memory loss and extreme dizzy spells if I don't eat enough. And apparently, eating enough? Means eating damn near CONSTANTLY. I just can't eat too much. Honestly. I usually have an egg on toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and then I don't eat again until dinner. I'm not much of a snacker. I also don't have the finances to stock my fridge with a whole bunch of food to make sure I don't get sick. And how much do I REALLY need to eat? Like, is it safe for me to get hungry? Do I have to eat every two hours like a newborn? I'm really concerned about this.
Is anyone else NOT insulin resistant, but taking Metformin? Any advice? I'm really, really scared to start this.
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