wynter793 (wynter793) wrote in vaginapagina,

Run out of one pill... Can I start another?

Hey everyone! I haven't posted here in a really long time, so if I break any rules or do something wrong please dont be too cross with me! I'm in a bit of a silly situation that is my own fault really. 
I have been on cerazette since about april this year and was taking microgynon before that (stopped due to migraines). Yesterday I ran out of cerazette, I thought I had another months worth but I didn't! I should have taken one last night but obviously cant. I still have a card of microgynon lurking around (All in date and that sort of thing!) Would I be able to start taking that today and take that for a month until I can get some more cerazette? I'm meant to be going to a friends house this weekend which will involve some fun and games, if you catch my drift... and dont want to be on my period. I'm not bothered if we have to use condoms or anything, I'm jut trying to prevent the bleeding! Do you think this would work? Or would it confuse my body too much? I am unable to get anymore cerazette until at the earliest friday morning! :( 

Any help/advice would be much appreciated! 
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