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Ovarian cysts and pap smear results

I just finished an exam at my gyno. Six months ago, I got a class 2 result on my pap smear (class 1 and 2 being normal range and from. Class 3 malignancy). I just did another pap smear today and will get the results next week.

I also have an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. My boyfriend and I had sex on Sunday. I was on top and I had no problems. When we switched positions, I started getting a bad cramping pain and my right side started to hurt. We had to stop because it got uncomfortable. Then I was in too much pain to get up, but after 20 minutes the pain subsided and I felt fine. My right ovary area has been in dull pain since then.

She did an ultrasound and saw the ovary itself is swollen. With the additio. To the cyst. Cyst is walnut sized, she said. I'm also on the pill and she was curious as to how I have cysts when the pill sorta prevents them from growing. I figure it's my genes since my mom and grandmother had/have them. I had one 7 years ago and it burst.

Can anyone give advice or suggestions as to why cysts are growing when I'm on the pill? Is that normal? And can cysts cause the ovary to swell when bothered? And has anyone had a class two result on their pap smear or having abnormal cells without malignancy?

Thank you VP!!
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