- (standonthat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection that won't go away

I've had a yeast infection since DECEMBER of last year. I have seen my gyno, several GPs, and various other people. I have been tested and retested, and it's definitely yeast every time. I have been given what feels like a hundred Diflucan pills (more like between 15 and 20), a daily dose of Nistatin, creams, antibiotics (for BV) and probably other things I am forgetting.

The Diflucan kills it for about a week, and then I start itching again.

My doctor now recommended probiotics, but it weirds me out that supplements are completely unregulated in the US, meaning I have no way to safely know what I'm actually buying.

I checked Vulvapedia, but it appears to be down...?

Please recommend home remedies that worked for you, safe probiotics, and things I can do to prevent recurrence of yeast.

ETA: I've been tested for diabetes, etc., and my blood sugar is normal; I've also used vinegar vaginally and stopped using vaginal products with glycerin.

ALSO: Is there a good way to make sure yeast is eradicated from clothing and toys? Googling has just confused me further. :/
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