Real Like A Plastic Bouquet (glortw) wrote in vaginapagina,
Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

bc troubles (i hate the gyn)

So I was on Lutera, fine with it. Then I ran out of pills. I called PP, where I hate going and is like 40 minutes from me, thinking I could go just to get my pills. They'd previously mentioned a HOPE visit, which I was told was when you could get pills without an exam. Well, when I called they were all "That's only for new patients. You have a history here so they won't give you any more pills until you get your annual." I really don't need anyone to tell me how it's for my health, I really should just do it, etc. I HATE exams, as I've mentioned before. I cry and refuse to open my legs and want to scream and just get out of that room. I can't do it. It's horrible for me. I just don't understand why PP wouldn't want to avoid unwanted pregnancy at any cost. It's more important to be strict about their stupid rules than to help me stay pregnancy-free? Is there anything I can do? I got medical assistance not long ago so I looked on Keystone Mercy's website and found a gyn who looked nice, and tried to make an appt, but she had nothing until January. So they scheduled me with someone else, November 18 or something. The reason I picked the first dr was because I saw her photo, and she was ..chubby. This may sound dumb, but I am thick and I feel much, much more comfortable with a non-thin doctor. So this new one just doesn't look as friendly or fat. And besides which, I am sure she will require an exam, too. I can't do the exam. I just can't. So my question is: Is there any way you know of to get more pills without an exam? Do you think I could explain to the new gyn ahead of time my conundrum, and she could just look at my history and see I'm healthy and write me a prescription? I did have an abnormal pap like a year or two ago, but my last one, Oct 2010, was normal. Or is my new doctor just going to pull the same crap and insist I get an exam? Please no lectures. I know that I should do it. But I don't know that I am physically able to make myself do so. I really don't want to get pregnant. My bf won't use condoms, and I do have emergency pills, but only one incident's worth. We don't even have sex that much..I'd just like to have the option. Also, I had insane periods before I ever got on bc, and I don't want them to start again.

One more thing..I have no sex drive at all. I'm never horny. I got off the antidepressants I was on for 10+ years, and it doesn't seem to have made that much difference. Could hormonal bc be causing it, then? If my bf just starts ..doing stuff to me, I eventually get into it..but years ago, I would actually be horny on my own. I am worried, though, because if it IS caused by bc, what are my options? I don't want an IUD because I'm too uncomfortable with exams to go to a doctor monthly to get the strings checked or whatever. I don't want the shot because that's still hormones, right? So what is there? I do want to have children one day, many years from now, so I don't want anything permanent. Any way to be on hormonal bc and ..get hornier?

Thank you all very much.
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