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One of these months I won't be convinced I'm pregnant =o=

Halloween weekend was the start of my new pack of Aviane 28 (Alesse 28). My first pill should have been taken that Friday night (10/28) at 8 PM. Due to Halloween plans and getting caught up in all the festivities, I didn't take it until probably 2 or 3 Saturday morning, about 7 or 8 hours later than I should have. Saturday night was pretty much the same story (got caught up in drinking and festivities, completely forgot my pill until 2 or 3 in the morning). I had sex Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I posted this same question in the birth_control community, and the response I got regarding compromised protection was that, since it was the start of my new pack, I was essentially extending my placebo week without protection, at least for those extra 7 or 8 hours, which puts me in a weird gray area, but nothing definitively dangerous. I wasn't all that concerned until they posted that comment, just because I know from last time going off birth control, it took a full 28 days for my cycle to return, and I didn't have any spotting or anything before then. I assumed, perhaps naively so, that there's no way my ovaries could have gotten overly excited in those 7-8 hours and woken up and released an egg.

At any rate, I'm noticing that with this pack (which is my fifth pack), my boobs are sore the first couple of pills in (which doesn't seem usual for me -- when I first started, they were sore the whole month, starting about the end of the first week of active pills, then by pack three they chilled out and were only sore a week or so before my inactive week), and I am mildly crampy. I'm trying to do the math and telling myself that it is far too early for either of these symptoms to be an issue, even taking into considering my late pills. I'm trying to tell myself I'm just being psychosomatic, again, and noticing everything going on in my gut region to the extreme. It doesn't help matters that I had strep from Tuesday night to Friday (at least my symptoms of that were gone by Friday), and antibiotics of course mess with everything. Though, I was feeling mildly crampy before I got sick, for what that's worth.

(In addition to symptoms I'm feeling or think I'm feeling, I had someone ask me out of the blue yesterday if I was pregnant. What. the. crap.)

Someone please tell me I'm being an idiot and that I can't possibly be pregnant and that I need to abstain from sex forever because I will always think I'm pregnant unless I do. =o=
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