somuchfail (somuchfail) wrote in vaginapagina,

Postcoital heavy bleeding/pain

Hi.  Obvious sock journal is obvious.

I'm 25 and had PIV for the first time Saturday afternoon.  I'm posting here because I'm still bleeding heavily and in more pain than I think I should be.

I had my hymen surgically removed almost eight years ago.  I'm on the pill (Ortho-Cyclen) and haven't taken any late or missed any.  It's nowhere near time for my period.  This pain is vaginal, not uterine; and the bleeding doesn't resemble my period in any way (flow, consistency, color, etc) - I know sex can sometimes stimulate an early period, but this would be a *highly* atypical period for me if that were the case.  We used a condom; I have no history of latex sensitivity.  I was plenty wet and he was extremely gentle, but I still found the sex excruciatingly painful.  He's had recent STI testing that's been entirely negative.  I'm in enough pain now to make sitting and wiping uncomfortable and am changing a well-saturated maxi pad every few hours.

Normal?  No?  Ideas to make the pain go away/chill the bleeding out?


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