The Mod Mob (modmob) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Mod Mob

Copper IUDs and the BC condundrum

Hello, superstars!
So after my old copper IUD failed and I had to get an abortion*, I opted to get a new one; it's the most cost-effective for me, my insurance covered it, and I don't want to go the hormonal route.
Here's my problem, though: I know that IUDs are very effective at preventing pregnancy, but because of what happened with my old IUD, I'm a little bit nervous about relying solely on mine, so I plan to also use condoms from now on. However, I also like the feel of naked bits against other naked bits, and would still like to occasionally enjoy that feeling. I've been trying to find other secondary forms of birth control, but it seems like each one has a disadvantage: buying spermicidal gels/foams is a little too pricey for me in the long run (I'm a student), and I'd rather not use the sponge.

Am I being irrational? What are my options here?
Thanks in advance.

*To those of you who responded to my post last month, thanks - I had a vacuum aspiration which went perfectly.
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