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Tips for stopping a herpes outbreak before it starts?

Greetings, Vagina Warriors!

First, can I say how much I freaking HEART this community? I was at a book reading the other night (Heather Corinna was reading from S.E.X and Jaclyn Friedman was reading from What You Really Really Want - both FANTASTIC books) and in the subsequent drinks-and-chatting I ended up getting a whole conversation with another person about how rad y'all are. She heard me mention VagPag across the table and turned to greet me with "Aren't they the BEST?!"

Alright, on to my question:

I'm 25 and I've had herpes (type 1) vaginally for the last 10 years. I had one outbreak when I was first infected (the very first time I ever received oral sex, whee!) and have had absolutely no outbreaks since then. I basically have the best herpes ever - we usually get along quite well.

A few times in the last 10 years I've had "twinges" that I've felt in my vulva, usually in my inner lips. Every time this has happened it's been a great reminder that I need to calm down, get enough sleep ... decrease all the stress-factors that could lead to an outbreak. Other HSV-positive friends/partners have said that when they're nearing an outbreak they get those twinges, and so far I've managed to head any potential outbreaks off.

I've gotten twinges less than a dozen times in the last 10 years and they've never lasted longer than a day. Yesterday and today, though, they've been pretty persistant. It's no mystery why - I've been incredibly stressed, not sleeping enough at ALL, and been a mad tangle of emotions. I take 1500 mg of lysine daily (and have for years), and doubled that dose today. I got plenty of sleep last night and am planning on keeping up that trend for at least another day or two. Usually, though, I feel better by now.

So, my question: If you have herpes and can sense outbreaks before they happen, what do you do to fend them off? I don't particularly care which type you have or where you were infected/experience outbreaks. Of course, this assumes that other folks can "head their herpes off at the pass," but I figured it was worth a try to ask! I'd love to add some extra tactics to my arsenal.

Thanks in advance, VagPag!

ETA: Oops, I forgot to title this post! Fixed now.
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