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Hello all!
Background info: I'm 18, not on any form of birth control or sexually active although I do occasionally masturbate.
My periods have changed in the last 6 months and I was wondering what everyone thinks. About 6 months ago it got so heavy that I filled my large fleurcup in an hour and a half when usuallly it takes 8-12 hours. It did that for a day and then went back to normal. The next month it did the same thing. Then I started spotting between periods. Not enough where I need a pad or anything. I only notice it when I wipe. I also seem to spot the day after I orgasm. I have a doctors appointment in a week and half but it's with my regular doctor to talk about other issues so I was wondering if maybe I should get in sooner with a different doctor to talk about these issues? I've also seemed to have menstrual cramps throughout the month even when I'm not bleeding. Does it sound serious or like it can wait? I'm not uber worried but I would like to know what's going on. Anyone else had similar issues?
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