babydeeps (babydeeps) wrote in vaginapagina,

on HBC and missing a period

Hello VP
Was curious how strong the possibility of being pregnant while on the pill with near perfect (maybe off by 2 hours at most taking it) usage.
I have been on my placebo pills week since Tuesday and nothing has shown up. I have been taking birth control for 3 months now with 2 very regular periods happening in between the first two months. I had sex the 22nd, 23rd of October where he did ejaculate inside me. I'm quite worried since last month I had a very noticeable period. I've had a bit of brown discharge which I do see sometimes before a period, but I have no other symptoms of PMS which I usually have such as cramping or emotional feelings. I'm still holding out hope it could still show up this weekend for maybe a couple of days but I just have the feeling it's not coming at all. Should I buy a pregnancy test? How long should I wait to take one if I do miss my period completely? I've been using Apri birth control so so perfectly I didn't even think about Plan B or any 2nd method of contraception. : /
edit to change the dates
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