caitasaurusrex (violentviolet09) wrote in vaginapagina,


Ive been tested for BV, yeast, and multitudes of STI;s and nothing came up.

A long time ago I had chlamydia, but it wasnt in my vaginal reigon, it was in my eye. Also its confirmed that others who've slept with the same guy have all had it too. Seems like hes a carrier. Anyways, I was treated for it and I dont have that anymore

My issues:

Smell (increases during sex, not pleasant at ALL)
Feeling of air bubbles coming from vagina (I know its not possibly, but I can literally hear it coming out)

Its confirmed I do have HPV. I need further testing from Planned Parenthood, but I cannot come up with the $100 at this time.  I have asked doctors about smell before and they say everyone had their own smell, which I get. This is a fishy smell. I have a bit of discharge, its white and creamy and smelly. Also, its not a ton, theres no use for a pad and I can also feel that stuff coming out as well.

Can anyone give me insight?</cut>
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