Laura (lauraluv) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC Question

Hello VP!

I've been on HBC for about 6 years now (maybe more, because I can't remember if I started HBC before or after I started dating my boyfriend). I took Alesse for the first 6ish months, and then switched to Marvelon, and about two years ago to the Apotex brand Apri (which is the generic Marvelon). Soon I'm going to start Yasmin.

It was kind of unclear at the very, very start as to what day I was supposed to start taking the HBC, so I defaulted to starting on Sunday, and I've done that ever since. After ending my 21-day pill cycle on Saturday, my period usually starts on Thursday (a couple of times it's started on Wednesday or Friday), and I resume my pills the following Sunday.

Is this normal?

I've honestly never known if it was or not, and I've always been curious. I figured it would be because my menstrual cycle never adapted or changed in all the years I've been on HBC. I got some conflicting information from a Pharmacist (after getting the first month of Yasmin) when he told me to start the new pack the very first day of my period. But after telling him about my cycle he said to continue on with what I was previously doing with the HBC I'm on right now. So after I mulled it over, I thought I would try to get some more information from others, and VP is a great place to go for this.
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