gamuzadma (gamuzadma) wrote in vaginapagina,

update again xD

Ok so I went in to the doctor today and I don't have herpes! :) 
It was probably just an infection I got from not always using the cream I was given after my hymenotomy... *ahem*
ANYWAY, the doctor got a finger up there too! I'm SO relieved! It didn't hurt at all, It was just uncomfortable, and it felt like I had to pee when she pushed a little. 
Also, I did a little, uh, "exploring" after work today with a tampon applicator. (I know, SO gross, but It was all I had and I have long nails so I couldn't use my fingers) Anyway, I got it to go all the way in up to half of the stick that you pull out. I did it a few times, sometimes it felt fine, and sometimes it hurt. Just a thought, if there's like JUST enough room for the tampon stick to go in, how the hell is my boyfriend's penis supposed to fit?? It's been a little over a year we've been together and we really want to try having sex... 

PS- thanks to all the ladies who answered my other posts :)
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