andrea (edicius) wrote in vaginapagina,

Throat gonnorrhea/chlamydia?

Hi VPers,

Was wondering if anyone could share any experiences with STIs in the throat?

I started giving an unprotected blow job to a guy on the weekend before deciding I wasn't comfortable with the risk (there was no PIV or other genital-to-genital contact). I started getting a headache and sore/swollen throat/jaw/neck about 24 hours later, and it's been pretty constant for the past 3 days. Usually, a cold or flu would have reached the full blown stage for me by now, but whatever malaise I'm experiencing has been lingering at around 20% on the sickness barometer, and I'm wondering whether I should go to the doctor. My research shows gonorrhoea/chlamydia in the throat is pretty rare, often asymptomatic, and if symptoms do show up, not that quickly? Is this something like the flu from partying too hardily on Halloween, or should I get to a doctor for a throat swab right away? :( Thanks in advance!
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