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Howdy folks...

I posted a couple of weeks ago about whether or not I should take Plan B due to a possible withdrawal mishap, knowing that I had already (JUST) ovulated. I opted to not take the Plan B, at the risk of making my cycle wonky and messing up my charting for months to come.

Now, however, I'm worried--probably unduly so...but worried nonetheless.

Last cycle, I had an ovarian cyst.  After only 18 days, I started bleeding again. I get cysts fairly frequently, but they rarely disrupt my cycle.  Regardless of how long my cycle is (when I don't have a disruptive cyst, it ranges from between 25-27 days), my luteal phase almost always lasts 13 days.  The LAST time I had a cyst that caused a super short cycle, however, I ovulated early--on day 10--but did not start bleeding until 17 days later. 

So here I am on cycle day 24 of this current cycle.  I had a TON of cramping yesterday--that very distinct cramping and bloating I always get when my period is imminent.  But it never came.  Today, I've had some moderate cramping, but still, no period. 

The last two days, my BBT has dropped to below coverline and my cervix is VERY low, which makes me think my period would be here...NOW.  I know it's very unlikely that I'm pregnant since my temp dropped so sharply and I've been cramping...but I'm still terrified.  I haven't really had any uncommon symptoms.  I always get terrible PMS, but I haven't had any of the "OMG PREGNANT" symptoms people talk about like major fatigue, frequent urination, nausea, etc.  I realize I'm only on day 24, but like I said...I can always count 13 days past ovulation and count on my period arriving that next day.  Of course, if my last cyst-disrupted cycle is anything to go by...I could be having an above average length luteal phase. 

Can anyone who practices FAM (or knows something about it!) set my mind at ease?  Here is my chart:

Thanks, friends. 

Oh--I've been drinking parsley tea and taking dong quai, which usually works for me...nothing yet, though. :/

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