The Year of the revolution I had to take Action. (beamishgirl) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Year of the revolution I had to take Action.

Percentages for Women on the Other Side of 40

Hello, VPers--

I'm probably one of the older VP community members here (at 43 years old, yikes!) and have a question regarding women on the "other side" of 40; What is the percentage for a woman in her mid-40s to conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term?

I have seen numbers as disparate as 20% to 1.6%.

I know every woman is different, but a reasonable ball-park figure would be helpful.

A little background about myself, I'm 43.6, am in reasonable good health, I practice safer-sex, have never been pregnant and have no desire to become pregnant.

Also, what is the percentage for a 40+ man's ability to impregnate a women? Again, the numbers I found were all over the map.

I'm just curious.

Thanks so much!
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