littlemonster5 (littlemonster5) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI, recurring pain/irritation

I was put on medication for a UTI on Wednesday for 5 days. Usually, I am given 7 days of antibiotics which makes me feel better. I did sleep with somebody last night but it was protected. I think I might have gotten irritated down there because of it though, he was being rough :(. I have a little cut/abrasion near the opening of my vagina.

It doesn't hurt when I pee over the cut, but I am having discomfort now that resembles a UTI. I was feeling fine literally until an hour ago. I was doing some work and had to pee REALLY BAD and couldn't go for an hour. My urine was really cloudy when I went.

Does this sound like a UTI, or should I get it checked out for something further? I'm not in intense pain, but I do want to feel better ASAP.
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