redbeanpoop (redbeanpoop) wrote in vaginapagina,

Concerned about yesterday's pap - "Inflamed" cervix

I had a pap yesterday. Admittedly, I haven't had a pap in at least 2 years, however years prior, they were always normal (minus the occasional yeast, or a one-time bout with BV).

My doctor said quite anxiously that my cervix appeared to be "inflamed", and discharge was also present. I asked what that meant, but kinda veered off track when I just blurted out to him "Well, my period's due on the 29th (tomorrow)." He seemed calmer after that, and said it was likely inflamed because my period is soon to arrive.

I'm not trying to disrespect my doctor (who is new, btw), but, of course, couldn't help but scour the Internet for answers as to why a cervix may be or become inflamed. And, ofcourseofcourseofcourse, everything had a negative spin - no mention of an impending or oncoming menses.

VP, can you please help? Could it really be inflamed because my period is coming? I don't, nor have I in the past 2 years, symptoms of foul-smelling discharge, etc. If any discharge, it's always been egg white-like during ovulation and before my period. No pain during sex - monogamous partner - condom use. Normal periods, blablabla...

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