Luna (ninimoon) wrote in vaginapagina,

A small update

Hello peeps!

I posted a bit ago with a pregnancy question! Now, I was still a bit worried (even if I did everything right and have been using the pull out methode + perfect use of HBC for a while) about being pregnant after a sort of different period and stuff. Now flash forward a few weeks and OMGZER nausea kicked in BIG time. I was really scared and tried to not think about it but then... I puked 7 times in an hour and had massive er... diarreah (sorry, I don't believe there is a nicer way of saying this!). I was rushed to the hospital and guess what? I WAS pregnant. Okay no I wasn't really pregnant but I was growing something in my stomach: bacteria. I was in tons of pain (not cramping but PAIN) and had to be kept in the hospital over night. I'm doing alright now that I've been on antibiotics for 4 days. I tested positive for blood in my stool and it¿s been a while since my breasts stopped hurting. I am sue for my period in 2 days and even though everything could be logically explained by saying 'you had evil bacteria growing in your gut' (i.e. tiredness, nausea, etc... all except for boob pain which my HBC DOES cause) I'm still kind of worried. They didn't test at the clinic for pregnancy (not standard where I am currently living) and I don't know. When they took me to the doctor all my family would ask is "are you pregnant? is that why you're vomiting?" to which I replied "I got blood in my mother effing stool NOT coming from the other hole, I'm puking too much and if this being pregnant I need an abortion asap because I am losing protein through my urine because of severe dehydration!!" I lost almost 4 pounds in 3 days from this!

After I started antibiotics though things seemed to get a lot better right away but then I got gassy... really gassy. This is usually a sort of sign pf my period for me though so... maybe it's the antibiotics, maybe it's the fact I'm eating cheese again who knows. Though at this point it's pretty safe to say I am not pregnant right? (It kind of was before but yeah...) I am tempted to get a test tomorrow and be done with it! Sadly I don't trust my period anymore... I could bleed for DAYS and pass clots and stuff and thanks to all the "news" about women having EXACTLY normal periods* while pregnant I guess I trust nothing anymore. At this rate I'm going to test monthly //sigh// I don't even know why I'm on birthcontrol anymore. I used to be fine with getting my period and that was it and now it's like "oh no L... you could stil be growing a baby in there even if you bleed like normal!"

*I know it's not an ACTUAL period but decidual bleeding. 
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