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recurring yeast infection


I've been getting recurring yeast infections, and I'm getting really discouraged and frustrated.  The only symptom I have is itching. 

February 2010:  I had a Mirena IUD inserted.
April 2010: first yeast infection (ever).  I didn't treat it (I didn't know what it was), it more or less went away on its own.
August 2010: itching, swab done, yeast infection is confirmed.  I treated it with one of those over the counter "ovule" things.
September 2010: more itching.  Swab says that it's not a YI.  I think I treated the non-infection by inserting acidophilus capsules.
Between September and December: mild itching, I don't bother getting it tested.  I think I did another ovule thing at some point.
December 2010:mild  itching, swab says it's not yeast.
January 2011: get the Mirena out, yay!
January to May 2011: more of the same mild itching.  At some point it gets worse and  I treat it with boric acid.
June 2011: the itching suddenly gets worse, a swab confirms that it's yeast.  I treated it with oral medication and inserting acidophilus.
July 2011: Another confirmed yeast infection, I treated it with two weeks of boric acid capsules.
August to October: I decided to start inserting two boric acid capsules weekly to try to keep the yeast infections away.
October 2011: another yeast infection.  I didn't get it tested (I don't have access to convenient health care through school anymore) but I'm trying to treat it with boric acid.

Edit: I also tried 6 weeks of oral medication (in April to May 2011) which helped in that I got no YI, but then got another one the month after.  And my boyfriend got treated also, but we weren't having intercourse for most of that time anyway (I also have vuvlodynia).

Basically, I've had 3 yeast infections in the past 5 months, and maybe 6 or 7 in the past year and a half.  And daily mild itching for about a year.  I had never had either of those issues before.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?  Boric acid is always suggested for yeast that doesn't respond to anything else but it's clearly not working that well for me.  (It works but then the yeast comes back.)  Should I try boric acid for more than 2 weeks?  Something else completely?

How can I get a doctor to take me seriously?  I've seen a million doctors, and they all tell me "well, you know, some people are just prone to yeast infections".  I really don't think this is normal, and I'm sick of living in fear of getting another YI. 

I also am not convinced that I'm being diagnosed properly.  Is a swab really enough?  What should I do to make sure I get a real diagnosis?  I'm in Canada so if I want to see a gyno or any other specialist I need a referral.  So far doctors I've seen have tried to avoid referring me to anyone else.

What's interesting is that, as I'm treating this current yeast infection with boric acid, the other itching seems to be gone (even though I'm still feeling the yeast infection, the boric acid hasn't gotten rid of it yet).  It seems as though the boric acid brings overall improvement.  It seems that my vagina is all off balance and the boric acid is balancing it out.  How can I get my vagina balanced permanently on its own?  If the boric acid helps, what can the problem be if it's not yeast?

I know that's a lot of questions and you aren't doctors, but so far doctors have not been helping me at all.  So I'd love suggestions on what I can try or how to get some real help from a doctor.

Thanks so much!
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