sarah (aggresive_sloth) wrote in vaginapagina,

treatment for dark spots/ance scars?

hi there! this s probably a silly question, but ive recently been trying to deal with blemishes due to a BC side effect and its left me with some dark spots/acne scars. im not big on hiding with makeup, so im wondering if anyone has any personal recommendations in facial moisturizers that are good for helping minimize the appearance. id like to stick with a moisturizer because i already use that daily. really trying to avoid toners/acne treatment regimens since they dont really work for me. besides, the acne part is under control! i wash my face daily with cetaphil and it has cleared up my blemishes quite well. if it helps i have sensitive skin/fair complexion. ive been looking around at different brands online but id like to get more opinions before i make the switch. thanks!

ETA: ive heard jojoba oil works well (and i already have some of that at home), but im afraid itll make my face too shiny. thoughts?
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