gummi711 (gummi711) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast Infection-Possible Complications with Discharge?

Hi everybody,

You might remember that I posted a week back about a pregnancy scare-thanks for all your help! Everything is okay now with that.

But now I have a new problem.....sigh. Not a good month! Anyways, I recently got a yeast infection, roughly 5 days ago, and decided to use yogurt to heal it. Mostly it was soothing, and it did seem to help gradually. However, yesterday (and I didn't use any yogurt that day) I got a little frisky with the boyfriend. There was pants and underwear and everything, but much humping about, and I felt a lot of pain. It didn't stop me however and we continued this way for about an hour. I remember feeling just an intense irritation, as you would feel with inflamed tissues, and afterwards when I went to the bathroom I noticed what looked like blood. Thinking maybe I just got a small cut (it really was only a tiny bit), I didn't do anything about it, and continued with our evening out. 

This is where it gets confusing: Later during the night, as I was walking, I felt this sudden pang, or sting, on what felt like my inner labia. I would almost describe it as a ripping feeling, except that later examination showed that there were no rips or tears. Then, the next morning, I found a rather thick discharge on my underwear. It was either a really really dark red or brown. I am not experiencing any noticeable pain from inflamed tissues or anything that I had as a result of the sexual activity. I'm just wondering if the discharge is a complication of the yeast infection, of the yogurt, the sexual activity or what????

I should also note that I masturbated twice (clitoral stimulation only). I couldn't help myself....And I'm currently on the last week of my hormonal pills, so it shouldn't be my period.

Please help!!! Thanks everybody for your input, as always!

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