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Emergency contraception/Plan B questions.

Last month, I had two condoms break, and took Plan B/emergency contraception twice (not good, I know). If I had not taken Plan B, the risk of pregnancy would probably have been relatively low. The first time the condom broke, partner pulled out well before ejaculation. Second time, pulled out a few seconds before ejaculation. There were no other issues.

My last period started September 11. My cycles usually run 29-34 days, and without any Plan B interference, I'd have expected my period to start between October 9 and October 14. I took Plan B first on September 23. I started bleeding heavily September 27 and continued to bleed through September 30. I took Plan B the second time October 10, with extremely heavy bleeding October 14, continuing for a few days. I bled very outrageously heavily both times, and the second time literally gushed blood for 24 hours. The Plan B packaging says that I should expect my period within a week or so of when it would have come naturally, and it hasn't come yet. Before I took Plan B the second time, I was feeling some cramps and PMS symptoms as though my period might start within a week or so, but the bleeding that followed was almost definitely the result of the Plan B since it was the same as the first time I took Plan B. I had terrible side effects - lots of nausea, headaches, cramps, heavy bleeding, emotional disturbances (depressed) - which I expected since my body is very sensitive to hormones (taking HBC regularly isn't an option for me).

How screwed up might my cycle be, and for how long? Should I be worried about pregnancy since I haven't seen my period yet? I have trouble believing I could possibly be pregnant since I bled so so heavily after taking Plan B the second time, but I'm still concerned.
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