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Dysmenorrhea and endometriosis

Since I started getting my period, I've never really put much thought into my cramps or what they might indicate, if anything at all. All I know is that they've always been very painful from the start. Googling around got me to pages on dysmennorhea, which, as I understand it, is not just your regular run of the mill cramping. My cramps are painful enough to wake me out of a sound sleep, cause me to feel dizzy, nauseous, and extremely fatigued. My regular pain management plan is to take 6 220mg naproxen and then wait for an hour and a half, curled into a sobbing ball, for it to work. These usually last me about 8 hours, and then the pain starts to come back, and I take a couple more (which, in case you haven't noticed by now, is more than the recommended daily dose mentioned on the bottle). I've talked to my doctor about this, and she basically recommended that I titrate myself up on naproxen a few days leading up to my period to keep the prostaglandins low, which does work, when I remember to do it. I thought that being on HBC would help, but the only thing different about my periods now is that they're shorter, and sometimes I pass humongous pieces of uterine lining. My cramps are unfazed. When I first started seeing my doctor, she asked me if my periods were particularly heavy. I've never been able to keep straight what's considered heavy and what's considered normal, but at the start of my period I would maybe need to change my regular flow sized tampon once every 4 to 6 hours. With my size 1 Diva Cup, I empty it maybe twice a day for the first and second day of my period. That being said, I think my flow is pretty normal. When I mentioned my really bad cramps, she didn't really seem to care at all, and just said to take over the counter pain relief, which is what I've been doing since then (and even after I went back and talked to her about perhaps getting a prescription for something stronger).

I guess, my question is, though my doctor has never said anything about endometriosis, and my periods aren't particularly heavy, could my cramps be indicative of endometriosis? Or could they point to something else? Or do I just have the misfortune of having a very cranky uterus? I'm not necessarily concerned; mostly I'm curious.

Thanks so much in advance for any info. :)
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