Sara (mari_mac1109) wrote in vaginapagina,

A day late switching HBC pills

Hello superstars!

After three months of Loestrin24Fe, I've decided it's just not the pill for me. My doctor and I believe my nasty PMS symptoms are likely PMDD and the Loestrin just didn't give me enough relief from physical and emotional symptoms. Not to mention the spotting. And the month of breast tenderness. So, deciding I'd given it a fair enough shot, I went to my doctor on Friday and she promptly switched me to Yaz and sent in the script to my local pharmacy.

I was supposed to start taking the Yaz tonight at 11:30. I took my last inactive pill of Loestrin last night. Due to a great deal of confusion and events just not lining up, I wasn't able to get my pack of Yaz today.

Rather than waiting a whole month for my period, may I simply start it tomorrow with the first pill and be on a Monday-start instead of a Sunday-start (at least for this month. Maybe next month I'll drop one of my inactive pills and get back on a Sunday schedule...)? Or should I skip the first pill and consider it missed and start with the second tomorrow? If it makes any difference, I usually get withdrawal bleed/"period" symptoms one or two days into my active pills, or at least I did when taking Loestrin.

I'm primarily using it to control PMS/potential PMDD symptoms, so pregnancy protection isn't a huge concern for me, but it will be in late November. My cis-male partner and I are in a long distance relationship currently, but will be seeing each other for about a week around Thanksgiving.

If I start taking the Yaz tomorrow (Monday), will I be protected by November 21st? My partner and I usually also use condoms or withdrawal in addition to whatever contraceptive I'm using (previously a Paragard copper IUD) just to be on the safe side. So, using condoms won't be a big deal come Thanksgiving, but I'd just like to know!
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