oopsiedaisies7 (oopsiedaisies7) wrote in vaginapagina,

Macrobid for a UTI

Hola VPistas,

Monday or Tuesday, I developed a UTI. I went to my university's student health center (I'm a grad student) Wednesday for some antibiotics. I was prescribed Macrobid/nitrofurantoin. However, the health center apparently just has an arsenal of pre-bottled antibiotics, and I was given a bottle of 20 pills (enough for 10 days). The MD I saw told me to just take it for 5 days, so I'd "have enough for another UTI" if I were to get one in the future (which is not unlikely...I've had several over the past few years) and if my symptoms weren't gone by the end of it, I could come back to the health center and get a 7-day prescription for Cipro. I thought that was a strange way to handle antibiotics, but whatever. I was already late for a meeting at that point and I didn't think to question her.

Anyway, I'm on day 4 of the Macrobid and while my symptoms have mostly gone away (the pain and frequency/urgency at least--I am still getting that weird itchy sensation that I can only assume is irritation on the inside of my urethra and bladder...which is a fairly normal symptom for me), I'm wondering if I *should* actually stop the antibiotics after tomorrow. In the past, when I've been prescribed Macrobid for a UTI, it's always been a 7-day course. And from what I've seen online, the standard dose of Macrobid for a UTI is indeed 2x100mg capsules daily for 7 days. I most certainly do not want to have a UTI-relapse and spend a week on Cipro, because a week of Cipro means a week of vomit-y unpleasantness for me.

So...is a 5-day course of Macrobid actually sufficient to treat a UTI, or should I take it for 7 days?

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