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To Plan B or not to Plan B?? (Pretty urgent...)

Hi all---

I use FAM (fertility awareness method) to chart my cycles.  I use withdrawal combined with FAM as my birth control, and in several years of my relationship with my partner, I've never had a problem or scare.  He's very good about withdrawing on time.  I'm very good about taking my temp each morning/checking my CM.  Sometimes, I straight up avoid sex when I'm at my most fertile, but usually, we just use withdrawal.

Last month, I had an annovulatory cycle that only lasted 18 days.  I'm pretty sure I had an ovarian cyst, because I was in constant pain/discomfort from the end of my period until 18 days later, when my period started again.  My temps were all over the place, and I definitely did NOT ovulate during that time.

My cycle seems to have reset itself.  I'm on cycle day 13 right now.  Here's where the confusion comes in.

Three days ago (on Tuesday) I had distinct ovulation pain in my right ovary.  On Wednesday, my temp dipped, and Thursday and Friday I have had elevated temperatures (over my coverline) that makes me think I ovulated around Tuesday/Wednesday.  I had lots of egg white cervical mucus on Wednesday morning.  I've had patches of egg white mucus AND a throbbing ovary since then, but again, the elevated temps make me think I ovulated on Tuesday/Wednesday...not that I'm still ovulating. 

At ANY boyfriend and I had sex on Wednesday.  He pulled out, as usual, and nothing seemed to be amiss until he told me he MIGHT have let a little go before pulling out, but he's totally not sure. Of course, it freaked me out, because if he DID let some ejaculate loose, I was probably quite fertile. 

Everything I've read about Plan B says that it is VERY successful at stopping ovulation, but that it may or may not work to prevent implantation in the case of the person having ovulated during the unprotected sex in question.  I have taken Plan B only one other time, back in college, and it made me a total basket case for the next two weeks.  I was throwing up, my breasts were so sore it hurt to wear a shirt, I had raging headaches, cried at the drop of a hat, etc.  My body does NOT do well with hormones that aren't already naturally present, and I'm reluctant to take Plan B if it's not going to really do anything other than make me insane.

What gives me pause is the fact that I had MORE eggwhite cervical mucus this morning.  My cycles have always been so clear with temps, though, that I'm almost CERTAIN I've already ovulated.  If I haven't, though, I'd like to take the Plan B.  It's also quite pricey here, and we have no Planned Parenthood (the nearest is two hours away). I guess I'm asking if anyone knows something I don't--that maybe Plan B DOES work to prevent implantation?? I was always under the impression that it did, but once I started reading about it, I saw a lot of scientists saying "Shrug.  Not sure."

Finally, this is semi-urgent.  I'm in the 24-48 hour window, but soon, I will not be.  HELP! 
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