Bailey (aileybay) wrote in vaginapagina,

extreme hypersensitivity during climax (male)

Hey guys, so I know this isn't concerning a vagina, but I also know there are some male posters on here, and many of the female posters have boyfriends that might have some insight into this. The issue is, when my boyfriend and I have sex, he says he experiences extreme sensitivity during climax, to the point of uncomfortableness. There isn't any pain or discomfort during sex, or about 15-20 seconds after climaxing...but during the duration of ejaculating, he says the head of his penis is beyond sensitive, almost to the point where he'd rather just withdraw and masturbate to orgasm. It's probably worth noting that he was a virgin until about 3 weeks ago, we don't use barrier protection, and he's circumcised. Also, we've tried having him and me both stop moving when he climaxes, but it's still far too sensitive to him. Has anybody else heard of anything like this? I've never been with another guy who's reported this much sensitivity during climax.

I've looked all over the web, but can't find any information about this. It's either "guys are usually super sensitive during/after climax" (which he feels is more than should be normal) or it directs me to look into Prostatitis (which I'm pretty sure he doesn't have). Thanks for any insight or information!
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