descent2madness (descent2madness) wrote in vaginapagina,

Coconut oil as a barrier cream?

Hi again superstars!

I have a couple questions for all you wonderful people. A little background: I have vaginal herpes type 1 and a copper IUD (these are related for my purposes, I promise!). Tampons give me headaches, plastic pads give me rashes/irritation and I'm afraid to use my DivaCup with my IUD so I strictly use cloth pads during my period. I have been getting breakouts (2-3 individual bumps or so) each period on my perineum and it's been driving me batsh*t. So this month I figured, hey, maybe it's the constant presence of blood in the area plus the irritation from extra wiping courtesy of my newly super heavy period from my IUD. I bought myself some diaper rash cream, thinking it might help create a barrier and protect the skin.

Good news: it's worked great! No break outs this month and the skin in the area feels soooo much less irritated than usual.

Bad news: I now have to strip all my pads (dish soap + toothbrush + extra time) because the diaper rash cream is waterproof (and so needs to come off the pads!)

My question: do you think that coconut oil would be a good substitute as a barrier cream? It will be much easier to get off my pads, I just hope it will work as well (or at least close). If not, any other alternatives to diaper cream that will be effective but not require me spending an hour scrubbing all my pads clean?

Thanks for your help!

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