Skazka (supercrook) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unusually brief but recurring UTIs?

Hi, everyone!

Once in the past month I thought I was experiencing the start of a urinary tract infection -- beginning in the early morning, I had the frequent need to urinate, the uncomfortable sensation, etc., and it was pretty alarming, but went away over the course of the day. From the VP guide to the subject I got the impression that some UTIs are very brief in duration, days rather than weeks etc., and clear up on their own, but I've experienced pretty much the exact same scenario (intense dryness/discomfort/itchy feeling in my urethra, need to urinate but not actually getting anything out, vaginal dryness, peaking in the morning/early afternoon and disappearing before late afternoon) a few times before, including in high school. Two days after the suspected UTI occurred and cleared up, I was having my urine tested/bloodwork done for an unrelated medical thing and asked my doctor about this. When they tested my urine, she said it didn't indicate a UTI and that I'd be fine, but didn't explain what else could have caused that sensation or why it recurs like that. I had the same feeling coming on yesterday, and it's beginning to really frustrate and inconvenience me. Could something else be causing that pressured feeling on my bladder or the burning discomfort?

I'm 18 and I'm not sexually active with a partner or with toys.
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