Zoe Fox (muffn_enchntrss) wrote in vaginapagina,
Zoe Fox

Soreness and burning

Hey there everyone, 

So I had PIV sex four times in about five hours on Sunday (4 days ago). It was my first time having sex in 2 months, and he was bigger than my ex-boyfriend by a few inches. It wasn't particularly rough sex and he used a condom each time, but from the first penetration, my vagina, mostly my labia, has been very very sore with a burning sensation at times. I am also experiencing extra discharge than normal, but it doesn't smell that unusual. Do any of you know any natural remedies or cremes that I could use to help stop the quite irritating burning or would it best to go to my school's health center to get something stronger/have them take a look at it? I'd like to avoid going to the health center if I don't need to unless you all think I need to have it looked at, but I would be a lot more comfortable just treating it myself/waiting it out. I've never been this sore for so long, although he is only my second sexual partner so maybe i was just extra tight this time? 

What do you all think would be the best to help? Also, advice for next time so this doesn't happen? 

Thanks!! xoxo 
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