nanidas (nanidas) wrote in vaginapagina,

So, what are the odds?

So, I've been reading about pregnancy tests and junk. I hear some people (though rarely) don't excrete hCG through their urine.

I guess you could call me tokophobic. I've come to this conclusion recently, seeing as I keep fearing I'm pregnant from the last time I had sex, on July 29th. I used a condom backed up with VCF, and there was no slippage/breakage to be seen. I had EWCM five days after the sex, and got my period two weeks later. And then again in September. And then again this month, as I'm just ending it. None of the three periods were lighter or shorter than normal (always 7 days), just slightly less crampy than I've had before. So I took a test on September 22nd (well after the sex, 7 weeks) and it was negative. I also do not have any symptoms. No nausea, no breast issues, no frequent urination, no slight fever. Nada.
So yeah, I'm basically just psyching myself out after I read that article.  -sigh-

Like I asked- how common is the "no hCG in urine" thing among people? Even if I'm just being unreasonable, I'm still curious about it.  xD
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