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the dreaded "am I pregnant?" post

Hi lovelies :) So here's the story. I stopped taking HBC because of medical reasons, the boyfriend and I started using the pull-out method. One day, we had sex 3 times in one hour, and he ejaculated each time, which definitely suggests to me that there was semen in his pre-ejaculate which probably was inside me at some point. I don't think I was at a very fertile point in my cycle (I had just gotten off my period several days before). The pull-out sex happened perhaps 4 times from Saturday until Monday. I took Next Choice (generic plan b) Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. We abstained from sex for a bit, then started using condoms. I started taking Generess FE last night (Sunday). I just got back from the bathroom, and noticed some blood on the toilet paper. After doing a quick finger check, and finding some evidence of blood, but not a lot, I'm confused. Is this implantation bleeding (oh holy God I hope not)? Is my birth control doing weird things even though I've only taken one pill? Is this an actual period? I'm so nervous and scared and I feel like I'm going to throw up..if my parents knew they would die/kill me. I'm a college sophomore and I have absolutely no money :( Help!
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