syntheticklust (syntheticklust) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird cycles and IUD question

I had my son back in Nov of 2008 ( almost 3 years ) and ever since then my cycles have been way out of whack. They range anywhere from 14 days to 4 months between cycles and the bleed can be just spotting to full out bleeding for 3 weeks. My last period lasted 2 and a half weeks. I went to my GYN and was told that I don't have PCOS. I had an ultrasound done and blood work and everything was fine. Does anyone know what else could cause this?

I was thinking about going on some form of Birth Control to help regulate it. Issue that I have is that I suffer from cronic headaches. I have tried Nuva Ring and the pill and both just cause my headaches to be a million times worse. I have also been on the Deop shot and hated it. For those of you who have an IUD do you like it? Does it give you headaches? Do you have the Mirena or the Copper one? I was thinking about going with the copper since we aren't going to be having any more children.
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