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Sudden change in odor - could ovulation be the culprit?

Ahoy, vagineers!

I just finished my period a few days ago (first one after the endo surgery and lupron fiasco - the one good thing about all that was not having to menstruate for months!) and Ladytimer tells me I'm ovulating.

I slept for like twelve hours last night and woke up drenched in sweat (I have a cold and it's messing with me), and I noticed upon my morning pee that my vaginal odor was very different from usual. I figured it was the usual increased discharge mixed with sweating for half a day, but after showering, I still had that same smell, kind of sharper and more sour than usual (citrus sour, not bad milk sour). It's not BAD, just very different from my usual scent.

Can hormonal changes affect the smell of vaginal discharge? Post-shower, it smells EXACTLY like my girlfriend's normal scent, and she has severe hormonal issues that leave her basically feeling like she's always either ovulating or PMSing (it's exactly as much fun as it sounds, the poor thing). Again, it's not bad or unpleasant, but it's really different from my norm.

If it doesn't go back to normal in a few days, I'll get myself checked out for infections just in case. I need to see my GYN anyway. But the scent is nearly identical to my healthy gf's, so I'd be surprised if I had an infection. (Also, I have chronic BV - fun times - and it smells nothing like this, and I have no weird discharge aside from the usual ovulation-time increase in volume.)
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