biblio_filia (biblio_filia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Strange-smelling urine

I found a previous, somewhat similar entry while Googling this issue, and have an inkling that I might have my very first UTI (lucky me). However, the situation is a bit weird, so I thought I would consult you all myself!

For the past 48 hours or so, I've noticed a strange odor when I urinate. It's pretty strong; I went to the bathroom at work last night and thought there was a lightbulb burning out or something, but realized that the burnt smell was in fact coming from me. I had just drunk a bunch of tea, so kind of wrote that off as the culprit, but the odor hasn't gone away. My boyfriend went down on me this morning and I could even smell the burnt-ish odor on him afterwards, and again when I went to pee.

The last time I had PIV sex before today was this past Tuesday, and around Wednesday/Thursday I did notice that my bladder was feeling full and that there was some pressure. I wouldn't say I had to pee urgently constantly, but as soon as I do drink something, I feel the urge to pee soon after and more acutely than normal. I haven't had any pelvic pain or noticed any blood or anything visually off about my urine. Strangely enough, the urge to urinate had gotten less troublesome by Friday-ish, so I assumed it wasn't a big deal. I had PIV sex twice today, and am now slightly concerned that I may have exacerbated any infection I may have.

Should I assume this is, in fact, a UTI? And would it be appropriate to treat it with an over the counter remedy? I've been working hellish hours (including a twelve-hour overnight tonight) and can't get to a store until tomorrow. It would also be difficut to arrange a gyno visit unless it's really urgent. Thanks in advance, fabulous VP-ers!
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