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vaginal bleeding + having trouble peeing

i checked tags and i couldn't find this anywhere. i just got done with my period on the 11th of the month. i since then had sex (protected) on the 13th & 14th. on the 15th i started to have a funny feeling as if i had to pee but nothing wanted to come out. this morning on the 16th. i had the same feeling but i saw blood when i wiped. (the blood came from inside, it was not outside of the vagina) i took a bath to clean up, but there was no blood there but i still feel like i need to pee! any ideas what this could be and what i can do to treat it? i never went through this before. i am not taking an BC but i use a condom every time i do have sex. if it doesn't go away in the next few days, i will be going to the doctors/gyno i just want some understanding what's going on down there. thanks for any advice and suggestions!
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