starry3yedgrl (starry3yedgrl) wrote in vaginapagina,


This is going to sound a little off the wall.  Lately I've been having discharge that is a little more odorous than usual.  This has happened before, and it could be completely coincidental but this is at least the 3rd or 4th time I've had this issue that it has been this time of year.  It's fall where I live, so chilly temps (55-70 degrees F) so it's not like hot humid temps where it might make sense that you'd feel extra icky.

I feel fine throughout most of the day, but by evening to the nighttime is when I start to notice it.  I shower daily, I always wear a pantiliner and I do change it if need be.  I have not done anything different lately, no new pantyliners, soap or detergent.

I really have no other symptoms, nothing itchy or painful.  The discharge itself is clearish to yellowish, the smell doesn't necessarily smell horrible, but when you're just sitting around you really don't want to be able to smell it.

A few years ago I did see my doctor several times, she did several tests and exams, couldn't find anything wrong.  Do our bodies just go through natural ups and downs where the discharge is heavier and more, er fragrant for lack of a better word?
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