Aerie Parapluie (aeriegray) wrote in vaginapagina,
Aerie Parapluie

I lost my virginity a couple months ago to my ex-boyfriend. He was about 6.5 inches and pretty thick, and though it hurt at first and took about 5-ish minutes of very slow insertion for him to get all the way in, I didn't really have much problem accommodating. I did, however, have trouble enjoying myself... I was pretty turned on prior to intercourse, but it was like all sexy feelings disappeared once he was inside me. He would thrust and I would just feel like I had to both pee and poop at the same time. Those were pretty much the only sensations. My ex stopped at one point because he could tell I wasn't enjoying myself. He started performing oral, but it was completely impossible for me to get turned on... I felt nothing.

Now, I have never had trouble getting off. I can masturbate (clitoral stimulation only) to porn and orgasm in like, 2 minutes. My bf could eat me out and it would take about 5 minutes. But intercourse just didn't work. We tried twice more within the same week and it was the same both times.

We've since broken up (not because of sex), and today I bought my first dildo. I lubed it up, adjusted to the size, and tried to watch porn while I moved it inside me... Again, I just felt like I was going to lose control of my bowels and bladder. I kept going for about 10 minutes and nothing... So I pulled it out and tried to get off like I usually do, but it took seemingly forever for me to get turned on enough to orgasm.

Is it normal for intercourse to not feel good at first? Will it eventually feel good or is there something wrong?
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