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Irritated lower vulva area =(

I'll tell you exactly where because this is so specific that I feel like it eliminates such STD's like Crabs... ANYWAYS

It's right around the vaginal orifice and perineum area.

It's been consistently itchy in that crotch area since about this early August. However, earlier this summer (maybe June-ish) I got my 2nd yeast infection of my whole life. I recovered, but then I developed BV immediately after =\ So my vag was outta commission for like a month. I treated the YI with Monst. and garlic/acv treatments which initially worked. However, I developed the BV and I used the hydrogen method to get rid of it, it actually worked! Although, my vulva and canal has been sensitive ever since... So skip to I guess 1.5 months later, I've developed this itchiness right in that specific area. It's like I have to claw down there to itch. It's ONLY in that area, never anywhere else. It's not all the way inside my vagina, just kinda borders that orifice/perineum area. Sometimes sex exacerbates the irritation and even burns a little inside (this has happened like 2x). I'm about to make a dr. apt because it's been itching for so long and I chalked it up to detergent irritation (which it could still be) or maybeeeeeee I need to start getting brazilians again. I want to mention that I was also in the pool a lot this summer, but ever since that YI I made an effort to get out of wet clothes pretty quickly. I can generally get away with scratching there on my own time (sometimes 1-2/day), it's not something that I have to immediately satisfy the itch; however, again this "itch" has been down there for over a month now 0_0

seriously itchiness & irritation near perineum/lower vulva area
No bumps
That area is slightly flushed looking like most vulvas look; it is not unusually swollen or red (unless I go to town scratching at it)
Not unusual odor, but sometimes it's had a random fishy smell (ugh how embarrassing to admit) and this has also happened maybe like 2x.
No odd discharge outside of the normal ovulating discharge.
No serious burning/itching that needs immediate medical intervention (like a YI would cause)

PS MODS- I tried to add tags, but the tag box wasn't loading. I tried to do it myself, but it says I couldn't! Sorry... ?

So I'm thinking it could either be BV still or maybe I am sensitive to the laundry detergent being used? I do have sensitive skin detergent, but sometimes I forget to use it. I'm definitely going to see a dr. next week, but has anyone else ever experienced this concentrated irritation? I have only been with one person and he hasn't exibited genital irritation as of yet, so Idk if its an STD. I'm getting worried, but if anyone has some advice to offer I'd really appreciate it. thanks in advance!
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